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Are you a Tier-2 supplier looking for an efficient supply chain solution for your Tier-1 clients in Mexico?

WHL has the perfect solution to easily position your merchandise (raw materials) in Mexico, minutes away from your Tier-1 clients manufacturing plants.

By taking advantage of WHL VMI Model and its IMMEX Program Solution (Bonded Model), your company will be able to meet the demand and deliver the goods to a Tier-1 manufacturing facility with a 2-week safety inventory in Mexico.

WHL services and infrastructure, have been specially designed to help you become a Strong Tier-2 Vendor to your Tier-1 clients located inside Mexico.

Benefits of our VMI (Bonded Model):

  • Tier 2 No import taxes and duties
  • Tier 2Lead times will reduce significantly
  • Tier 2Real-time e-WMS inventory
  • Tier 2You don’t need to establish a company (facility) in Mexico.
  • Tier 2No applicable VAT to your sales
  • Tier 2Your goods much closer from your Tier-1 clients
  • Tier 2Online 24/7 inventory visibility through our friendly e-WMS platform

IMMEX Program background

The IMMEX License was created in the 90´s to position Mexico as a competitive space for foreign manufacturers.

This License allows foreign companies without large volumes of inventory that do not justify opening a facility in Mexico to import the goods (raw materials) without paying taxes and/or duties.

The WHL VMI Model and how can it help

In our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Model, WHL becomes the importer of record which stores the goods, manages the inventory, provides visibility of the In/Out operations and inventory levels, and performs the replenishment according to the Tier-1 demand.

At WHL, we understand how important it is to meet the Tier 1 planning and demand to maintain the order and control of the automotive supply chain. By integrating the IMMEX Program and the VMI model, we offer the WH IMMEX VMI Solution, which allows you to place your inventory minutes away from your Tier 2 clients anywhere in Mexico. We cover the most important cities: Guanajuato, Nuevo Leon, Nuevo Laredo, Querétaro, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Manzanillo, and Ciudad Hidalgo. You don’t have to worry about paying taxes, establishing in Mexico, or customs compliance complications.

We store your merchandise in a WH Certified IMMEX Warehouse facility, and you only have to pay for the rack positions (oversized or regular), floor space and even light manufacturing and quality inspections your company requires. With 12 years of providing logistics services, we have the experience, the infrastructure, and the certifications needed to fulfill your Tier-2 requirements. Still, most importantly, we have a talented team that understands and meets the automotive industry requirements.

Why México?

According to The International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, the automotive industry is significant in Mexico; it employs over one million people. This country produces around 3.7 million cars every year, being the fifth largest producer of auto parts, the sixth largest producer of passenger vehicles, and the world's leading exporter of tractor trucks. It exports 90% of its vehicle production, and it is the largest export market for U.S. auto parts (79% of its exports go there). Based on what was established in the UMSCA agreement, it is required that 75% of the automotive products are produced in North America, and that the main auto parts come from México, Canadá, or the U.S. to receive duty-free access.

Why choose WHL?

Our commitment is to help you to become more competitive in Mexico.

12 years at your service

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    More than 10,000 monthly shipments

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    70,000 pallet positions in Mexico, more than 60,000 m² (645,800 ft²) in warehouses

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    IMMEX programs

  • ...

    10,000 SKUs

  • ...

    More than 5,000 customs operations

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    300 clients

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